Gundaraj Movie 1985 | Ajay Devgan blog 2021 Bollywood

Gundaraj Movie 1985 | Ajay Devgan blog 2021 Bollywood


Ajay Devgan as Ajay Chauhan

Kajol as Ritu

Anjali Jathar as Pooja

Amrish Puri as Police Inspect

Asrani as Gopal

Mohan Joshi as Raj Bahadur

Mohnish Bahl as Monya [3]

Sharat Saxena as Dhika

Usha Nadkarni as Parvati Chauhan

Achyut Potdar as Amit Chauhan

Suresh Chatwal as Interviewer

Ahmed Khan as College Correspondent Jaitley

Sulabha Arya as Principal Pratika Jaitley

Madan Jain as Police Inspector Vijay Sharma

Kalpana Iyer as Public Prosecutor

Deven Verma as Ritu Boss Senior Journalist

Janardhan Parab as Police Constable

Shashi Sharma as young lady who is saved from being raped



Ajay Chauhan lives with his parents and younger sister. He is in love with Pooja and hopes to marry her someday. His father wants him to get a job and settle down, and then get married. Ajay applies for a job in Bombay and soon receives a letter asking him to appear for an interview. He attends the interview and is hired. Delighted to see all his dreams coming true, he goes to offer his thanks to God, and it is there a woman named Pratika Jetley sees him and notifies the police that he is indeed the one who had brutally raped three young women on a college campus.

Ajay vehemently denies this but is personally identified and criminally held responsible, convicted, and sentenced to prison. Several years later he is released from prison, and finds out that his father and Pooja had committed suicide, his sister had become mentally ill while his mother was untraceable. He sets out to put his life together and meets with a ruthless police inspector, whose daughter was one of the rape victims. It is then Ajay finds out about the conspiracy behind this plot to frame him.

A news reporter Ritu (Kajol) helps him track down the real culprits and bring them to justice.’

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